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Are you a Follower

Are you a Follower!

Recently we completed an exercise at our network event to see if the we followed each other. As always where new people join, we found a few gaps in the process so a 5 minute exercise turned into a full feature. Ending with a post on the Facebook page to upload your links so we could follow all social pages later that evening. Of course, as soon as I published the post, other who didn’t belong to the group posted. ( I had no problem with this.) HOWEVER………. It got me to thinking. The reason we all post our links is because we want followers and of course sales/clients. Followers do not convert to sales. They are just generic. Most do not ever convert into sales. Sales and Clients more often come from recommendations, from people trusting people. Unless someone was specifically looking for your product, you were likely to not gain followers. Nor sales. Networking with a physical product will likely to provide both. People sell to people. I know at least 5 people selling the same product. Who do I choose to buy from? Answer-the one I know best. For me that’s likely to come from business networking. I saw on a lady’s profile who had asked me why no one on the post had followed her. Looking at her page, it aopeared as though she doesn’t follow anyone. This could be a security feature. It looks like it’s one way traffic though. “Follow me but I won’t follow back” you want us to invest in your business but it looks like you won’t invest in ours. Hopefully you get my point there. Having random followers may make your page look great but potentially it interferes with those infamous algorithms ( who gets them I’ll never know) followers to make you look good aren’t worth it. You need clients/customers. Invest in your fellow businesses and they will naturally be your best supporters. Town & Village Connections network meetings are held on a Thursday evening from 5:30-8:00. They are fee free. Why not join in. Get your followers , make some new business contacts and maybe sell your products.

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