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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

My careers have been varied to say the very least. I started working at the young age of 11 in a kitchen drying up.

Ok so all I wanted at the time was a little pocket money for sweets mainly but I already had goals. I wanted a car and a motorbike, a house by the river, and animals! Dogs, Cats and more. By the time I reached my mid teens I was working 5 jobs simultaneously, after school and at the weekends. Paying for my own driving lessons and saving for a car.

I couldn't decide what career to follow when I entered further education so I studied a B-TEC National diploma in finance, consumer Law and Distribution.

On leaving college I began a career in the logistics industry with Federal Express. Honing my customer service skills and learning all about DFT regulations and the import/export industry

It will come as no surprise that I kept a job in the Pub trade part time until, I was offered a position of live in Manager for a Pub restaurant at the age of 18. After the owner sadly passed away I returned to logistics until My family decided to open our own Pub which I ran.

Retiring from hospitality at the age of 32 I started a career with DHL working various roles including courier, senior courier and global training facilitator. I retired at 45 due to health issues.

Having worked for so many of my years, sitting back at 45 was never going to last so I returned to the work environment as a part time social media content writer, working for a London based air conditioning company. Within 6 months I was the Operations manager. I carried out every task possible, from cleaning the shop to control of the finances. and every duty in-between.

Two and a half years on I have decided to branch out on my open and set up my own Virtual assistant business. I would like to work mainly with small businesses and start ups. It doesn't matter what industry you are in, I can help you with the jobs you hate and the jobs that utilize too much of your precious time.

The advantage of a virtual assistant is there is minimal cost to the business. You only pay for the tasks required. So whether that is prepping your books or managing your diary. I am your go to person. The glue that holds it all together.

As for my dreams as an 11 year old.

I live next to the the river

I have a wonderful family

I am surrounding by my pets

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